Saturday, March 27, 2010

My first 10 articles on eHow

In this blog, I am going to keep track of all the eHow articles I have written, or will write. I already have a 120 articles as of today, and intend to add many more over the coming months. I also have another blog on eHow. It's called My easy eHow earnings experience and it chronicles my efforts to earn money on eHow. I encourage you to go check it out if you're interested in making money online using eHow.

In case you're wondering what eHow is, it's a site on which you can make money by writing short how-to articles. You get paid a fraction of the ad revenue that your articles earn from google ads placed on your website. It can be a pretty sweet deal: the articles don't take very long to write, and over time can bring in significant amounts of money a month. I'm not nearly there yet, but early signs are encouraging, and my hope is that the articles I'm writing will pay off reasonably well. Here are the first 10 articles I wrote:

How to book a cheap Caribbean vacation
How to take a snapshot of your screen or desktop in Windows
How to create a chill lounge mix for your party for free or cheap with music streamed from Pandora internet radio
How to create your own wrapping paper for Christmas presents - or any presents, really
How to Find Out if you need a visa for Your Travel Destination
How to Save Money On Groceries Using Reusable Shopping Bags
How to Start a Fitness Program and Stick With It
How to choose great music for your New Years party
How to Buy a camera that best suits your needs
How to Get a High Interest Rate From an Internet Savings Bank Account

More soon!

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