Saturday, March 27, 2010

Articles 11 - 20 on my eHow account

This is the second batch of 10 articles that I posted on eHow. I hope you find them good reading!

How to Make Money From Your Hobby or Craft
How to Save Money and Live Within Your Means
How to make Pad Thai sauce from scratch
How to Go to College for Free as a Graduate Student
How to book a cheap Peru vacation package
How to make money from your blog with Adsense and Amazon Associates
How to Ace a Job Interview by Impressing Your Interviewer
How to Save Money On Health Care Through Medical Tourism
How to stay motivated to keep writing for eHow
How to Save Money On Airfare by Shopping Airfare Comparison Websites

More to come...

My first 10 articles on eHow

In this blog, I am going to keep track of all the eHow articles I have written, or will write. I already have a 120 articles as of today, and intend to add many more over the coming months. I also have another blog on eHow. It's called My easy eHow earnings experience and it chronicles my efforts to earn money on eHow. I encourage you to go check it out if you're interested in making money online using eHow.

In case you're wondering what eHow is, it's a site on which you can make money by writing short how-to articles. You get paid a fraction of the ad revenue that your articles earn from google ads placed on your website. It can be a pretty sweet deal: the articles don't take very long to write, and over time can bring in significant amounts of money a month. I'm not nearly there yet, but early signs are encouraging, and my hope is that the articles I'm writing will pay off reasonably well. Here are the first 10 articles I wrote:

How to book a cheap Caribbean vacation
How to take a snapshot of your screen or desktop in Windows
How to create a chill lounge mix for your party for free or cheap with music streamed from Pandora internet radio
How to create your own wrapping paper for Christmas presents - or any presents, really
How to Find Out if you need a visa for Your Travel Destination
How to Save Money On Groceries Using Reusable Shopping Bags
How to Start a Fitness Program and Stick With It
How to choose great music for your New Years party
How to Buy a camera that best suits your needs
How to Get a High Interest Rate From an Internet Savings Bank Account

More soon!